Common Questions Asked By Students! (Part 2)


  1. Can students pay their tuition fee in installments?
    1. As per their offer letter. Vocational colleges often offer monthly or quarterly installments.



  1. In case of visa rejection Which Charges are Refundable or Non Refundable?
    1. Refundable
      1.  Tuition fee minus enrollment fee
      2. OSHC
    2. Non-refundable
      1. Visa application fee
      2. Enrollment fee
      3. Biometrics
      4. Medical
      5. Consultant fee, if any
  2. Is two year Graduation degree accepted for study visa?
    1. Yes
  3. Do we need FBR Tax return if any student is registered from FBR?
    1. If working, you may provide these documents
  4. What is the estimated cost for living in Australia per month?
    1. Per year: A$24,500as at Dec 2023
  5. Does a college or university help students to find a job?
    1. Most colleges and universities do have career assist departments but students should not rely on them for job hunt
  6. If a student does part time job in Australia then what is the minimum Attendance percentage required in Classes?
    1. Check as per the offer letter
  7. What is the minimum and maximum wages in Australia?
    1. Check online please as it may have changed
  8. Can any under 18 year student apply for graduation in Australia?
    1. Needs a guardian.
  9. After getting the visa if any student wants to travel for the next semester, will university shift  their first semester fee to the next one?
    1. Depends on the grounds for deferral
  10. Is health insurance mandatory for international students and can I pay it in installments?
    1. Yes, OSHC is mandatory. Unfortunately, payment is required upfront for the duration of the visa.
    2. Couple and family insurance can be quite expensive. For discounted quotes, you can contact us with visa applicants details and course(s) start and end dates and we will be happy to provide you a quote with great savings.


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