Common Questions Asked By Students! (Part 1)
  1. Where can I find basic information about Australian study visa?
    1. Subclass 500 Student visa (
  2. Can I apply directly for enrollment or do I need an agent to arrange me an offer letter?
    1. Some institutes accept direct applications from students from certain countries. You will need to check with the institute you are interested in to find out if you can apply directly or you need an agent.
  3. What is the Processing time to Process Student Visa?
    1. From 3 days to 4 months (mostly)
  4. How to calculate Bank Statement amount requirement?
    1. A$26500 + 1 year tuition fee (Estimate). Multiple the final amount by exchange rate to get the amount you need in your currency.
  5. Minimum marks requirement in intermediate?
    1. Better if you have more than 65% marks so you can also get some scholarship but some institutes do accept students with marks as low as 55% in intermediate. 
  6. What is the Minimum Score Requirement of IELTS or PTE for Universities and colleges?
    1. Bachelors: overall 6, min 5.5
    2. Masters: Overall 6.5, min 6
  7. Which Students are exempted from IETLS or PTE?
    1. You can try to enroll at level 1 universities and they may not need to provide IELTS/PTE. Case officers may ask.
  8. Does Embassy call the students for interview?
    1. Random
  9. How much study Gap is accepted in Colleges or Universities?
    1. Most institutes do not accept or encourage student applicants with more than 1 year experience. However, if the applicant is a professional, holding a bachelors degree already, and working in corporate sector than work experience evidence is acceptable since last studies completion.
  10. In which level of Australian education system does Pakistanis students fall as of Dec 2023 i.e Level 1, Level 2, Level3?
    1. Level 3
  11. Which documents need translation?
    1. All documents that are not in English
  12. Which documents need attestation? From which departments? 
    1. No attestation required. You just need original scanned properly for upload
  13. Who can Financially Support the Students for Funds?
    1. Blood relatives (parents, siblings, uncle, aunt etc.). No cousins.
  14. How much working Hours are allowed to students while studying?
    1. Please see link below
    2. Work restrictions for student visa holders (



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